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Hand of Mother (2019-ongoing)

4. Somethings do change unexpectedly. Like a plant, suddenly ripped out of its habitat, with some of its roots torn off, yet still alive and completely surrendered to the hands of fate. I remember, at least in parts, that day very clearly.

- Excerpt from listed reading `Hildegunst: An
assembly of Fractions’ (2019) Lisa Fabian. p.1 

9. All I wanted was for her to wake up, and she wouldn’t wake up. I was almost convinced she wouldn’t and I felt bad for not believing in anything anymore.

- Excerpt from listed reading p.2

24. I think back on you. Sitting together on my bed at the very bottom of that forsaken valley. Remember when you told me that you never had this issue, ever?
As long as you could remember you had been sure of yourself, screaming loudly at any injustice you experienced done to you.
I envied you back then, when telling me this in my deep yellow okra warm coloured room that never belonged to me, staring at that blue image of mountains on the wall. 

 - Excerpt from listed reading p.5

(Work in progress)
Series of reenacted handgestures.

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